Tuesday, November 19, 2013

When Every Leaf is a Flower

So I started this back in Sept and just finished it up today. For my second colored pencil drawing in YEARS, I think I was a bit ambitious with the subject matter. I chose to do a portrait of a beautiful friend of mine and I am afraid I did not do her justice. Colored Pencil is not a friendly medium for hair I've found. I also had some trouble getting the values I wanted. Maybe I just need more practice. Either way, I photographed my drawing and edited it in Photoshop to help get the look I wanted. Bottom image is the raw drawing (Prismacolor on paper) and the top image is a mixed media piece with the colored pencil drawing and some digital painting in Photoshop.

The title is from this quote by Albert Camus: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

A Little Graphic Design

I realized that I almost never post any graphic design type work on here, and since I spent this past weekend laying on the couch designing this fake cupcake app and ski site for some practice, I figured I might as well post them. There are more screens for the cupcake app that show some pre-authentication details and the profile drop down menu, but I didn't include them cause they aren't too different from what is here.

Photoshop and some stock photos I bought.

Colored Pencil Practice

I was itching to do some art, but in my new tiny apartment I don't really have a ton of room for all my supplies. So when I moved in I brought a few sketchpads and my colored pencils. With one exception, I haven't used them in about 7 years, so I decided it was time to brush off the dust and get back into it. I looked at tons of great colored pencils artists, who both inspired and intimidated me and arranged my self a still life. It was only grapes sitting on a striped dish towel, but once got started, I realized I may have been too ambitious for an evening practice session, and decided to do without the towel. I remember liking colored pencils when I was younger because you could be really precise, but it turns out I have lost some of my patience with age, and they are definitely not a fast medium!

I actually did this back in September and just haven't been able to post it. I took it into work today to scan it, but the scanner was terrible and the nearest printing company wanted to charge me $25 to scan it. So I just took a photo of it with my camera. Not the best option, but oh well.

Prismacolor on paper.