Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Winter Morning

I have mixed feelings about this. It's an old piece (the bottom image is from 2008, believe it or not) that I dug up today and worked on. It's made in Photoshop with TONS of layers and an excessive amount of blurring. I like the yellow light; I think it looks like she's standing in a window as the sun is rising. But I'm also concerned that it's too cold and harsh in some areas. And that the lines are too strong. It looks pretty realistic in some respects, but at the same time, it feels so fake - which I hate. Probably because she is too smooth (all the excessive blurring)...or the fact that she only has half a head (the original design had her in a hat that covered her face).

Originally (back in 2008), this was going to be a full picture with hair and a hat and jeans...maybe even a background. She was supposed to be covered in tattoos and I was going to call it Canvas. Now I'm not so sure what it is, or if I will work on it more or not. Part of me still wants to cover her in tattoos, but I know that will hide all the subtle colors I tried to work into the skin. Anyway, for right now it's finished. Maybe in another couple years I will dig it up again and play around with it.