Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Collection of Tanka

Two posts in one day? Crazy! I made this book over the summer. I originally intended it to be something entirely different, but the covers didn't turn out as I was expecting them to. I have all sorts of collaged material under there, but the top layer of paint really covered it up more than I thought it would, so I made a different book instead. You can't really tell from the photos but I also splashed high gloss decoupage glue onto the covers so that most is mat, but it has shiny splatters on it. Each signature is wrapped in a sheet of gold vellum (my new favorite paper, it's so pretty). 8 signatures, coptic stitch, 128 pages, 4" x 6". I am planning on using it as a little journal for tanka.

Goals Book

I finished this book several months ago, but was really slow in posting (lost the cord to upload pics from my camera to computer for a bit there). It is the first and only soft cover book I have bound to date. It's small: 2.75"w by 4.25"h by 0.25"d and made with heavyweight printer paper cut to size. I used a coptic stitch for the binding (4 signatures) and embossed the cover paper to add some texture. I decorated the inside pages with acrylic paint, sharpies, and assorted craft supplies, and each page represents one item on my life to-do list. So essentially this is a book of things I want to do/be/accomplish in my life, in other words: a little book of goals. I titled it Notes to Myself, and of course as soon as I finished binding it, I thought of a few more goals for my list. Oh well. Maybe there will be a volume two.