Thursday, September 9, 2010


I decided to tackle watercolor again in an attempt to get some work ready for an Art Gala coming up where I will be displaying/selling some work. This piece started as a pencil sketch based off of a photograph I took at my cousins' house. I then started laying in some basic washes with watercolor, and finished the piece by adding details with colored pencils and highlights with white acrylic. I'm not too thrilled with the overall colors or the really intense texture of the paper, but considering how I usually fare with watercolors, I have to consider this a success. I wish there was a little more contrast, and maybe some more natural tones (more browns and reds I think) but I am wary of going back in with the watercolors at this point. The top image is the slightly touched-up and cropped scan. The bottom is the original scan. I picture it in a solid black frame with a white mat, nice and simple to help the colors stand out.

On another note, it feels good to get back to traditional materials. I am frustrated by having to scan it though, because, as always, a scan can't really do the original justice.

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